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Self-justification and the Good Samaritan

Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan in response to an expert in the Mosaic law seeking to “justify himself”. None of us… Read More

A Heart for the Outcast

Recently the Lord prompted me to create a particular art piece for our community as we have been going through the Gospel of Luke. Read More

Faith in our commitment to Jesus, instead of Jesus

In this talk, Pastor Dan Moura, reviews the journey of the disciples in Luke 8 & 9, and explores how their faith in Jesus… Read More

Chronicles of Rest

Rest is a word we don’t hear a lot about in our culture. As a general rule Western culture and society places value on… Read More


The idea of death isn’t something we like to dwell on. In fact, we live in an age where death is virtually removed from our… Read More

Honour by Listening

Mid conversation, do you ever catch yourself thinking about something unrelated to the person you’re with and the current topic of conversation? Or, realise your… Read More


Can you keep a secret?  Of course you can. Of course you do – it is second nature to make secrets out of the more… Read More