We have three types of regular community gatherings. Everyone is welcome to join in our gatherings… whether you consider yourself apart of the Bridgeman City community or not, whether you are familiar with Jesus or not, whether you believe in God or not.

1. Fortnightly Services

Friday nights fortnightly at 6.30pm @ Level 1, 81 Elizabeth St, Brisbane. These gatherings include components of music, prayer and a talk about what life is like in the kingdom of God.

From Elizabeth St, you will see a ‘Welcome to Church’ sign, and some members from our community showing you through the foyer entrance. 

The service is usually finished by 7.45pm and we then head to dinner somewhere in the city.

2. Fortnightly Prayer

Friday nights fortnightly (on the alternative fortnight to our services) at 6.30pm @ Level 1, 81 Elizabeth St, Brisbane. Our prayer gatherings are based around praying and using music to worship God.

You don’t need to know ‘how’ to pray to join on these nights. If you would like prayer for anything in your life – please feel free to join us – we would love to pray for you.

3. Connect Groups

Smaller gatherings throughout the week where we gather in homes to read the Bible and encourage one another in following Jesus.

For more information about being involved in a connect group, you can email