The Gospel: Jesus

As a community, we believe that the greatest news in all the world, is the person of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ, is man and God.  

Jesus came into the world, to reveal to humanity who God is, and to unite us to Him.  

He came to a humanity which is away from God; we are unlike God. Therefore, we do not know Him.

By allowing humanity to put him to death on the cross, He clearly demonstrated that we chose against God and therefore against life. On the cross He willingly endured the hard consequences of our choice.  

Jesus was raised from the dead by the Holy Spirit, in order to demonstrate to us (humanity) that He is right – that He is God! His resurrection demonstrated that He is life; that His life extinguishes death.

Jesus said that whoever believes in Him – in other words, whoever believes that He is God and lives accordingly – will receive the Spirit and life of Jesus. We will know God. We will have a life stronger than death.  

If you do want to know more about Jesus, you can simply ask Him, believing that He will show you. We would love to journey alongside you in the same pursuit: check out more information about our gatherings here.